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Hi Gradio team,

I used Gradio in the past few days and I am absolutely impressed. This tool is absolutely amazing, and so I had to write a blog article about it. I’d be curious what you think about my words, and if you consider it worth pushing this project to Hugging Face Spaces. I am not sure, if I can run the ElasticSearch database there. What do you think?

Thank you for this awesome work, and keep it up.

Best, Seb

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Hello Seb :hugs:

Pinging @abidlabs here, thanks a lot for the love :heartpulse:
I shared your blog here.

I talked to team at deepset and smaller examples like below one should work:

# In Colab / No Docker environments: Start Elasticsearch from source
! wget -q
! tar -xzf elasticsearch-7.9.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz
! chown -R daemon:daemon elasticsearch-7.9.2

import os
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, STDOUT

es_server = Popen(
    ["elasticsearch-7.9.2/bin/elasticsearch"], stdout=PIPE, stderr=STDOUT, preexec_fn=lambda: os.setuid(1)  # as daemon
# wait until ES has started
! sleep 30

You can put elastic search package in packages.txt file in your Space (never tried this though)
We will be supporting docker containers soon in Spaces.
But do try and let us know if it works or not :hugs:

Hey Merve,
Thank you so much! I will give this a try later, and let you know. Have a great Friday :slight_smile:

Hi @merve,

Thank you one more time for your input. I just successfully deployed the tool to HF spaces:

The documentation is great, and, hence, it only took me a few minutes to figure it out.

Hello there,

A nice suggestion would be to add an example to the Space such that people will see a PDF and a question to ask to that PDF :slight_smile: great work!

Thank you so much @merve . I just added some examples :slight_smile:

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were you able to use elastic search on space?
I tried the colab code but it didnt work.

thank you!