My space doesn't show up when set to "Private", bug or feature?

When I set my Spaces to “Private”, I am able to code them, but when I click “App” to see them run, nothing shows up. I had always assumed this was on purpose for some reason, but I’m catching up on some mysteries, so I wanted to reach out to the community and Admins to find out. I see a similar question on the issue here:

Hi @Omnibus

Which browser are you using to access your Space ? There are some issues on Safari browser for private spaces.

I’m using Chrome, and I’m finding some different issues with it as well. I have to dump the cache when it reaches 250mb or my HF Spaces fail to display when set to Public as well.

I’m assuming by your reply that this might be more of a bug, then being an intentional feature. Since I began though, I have never been able to view my Space running in “Private”. Clearing cookies and cache doesn’t seem to fix.

Can you recommend a bulletproof browser to use for Windows OS?

I just made sure Chrome was updated to the latest version:
Version 109.0.5414.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)

This has been the view for “App” when set to Private:

Wait, progress is happening. The current Private Spaces are displaying the blank screen, but when I set them Public and back to Private, they are showing up now.

When I checked the Chrome version, it triggered a Chrome update, so that may have been the cause.
Curious that the Private Spaces are still blank until they are set Public, and back to Private. (this step has been repeated before without success).

The Update may have been the Solution, but at this point, I’m just glad I can build without clogging up the Public Space page.

While the pages are now visible when set to Private, they don’t seem to work.
Connection Errored Out, right away, but functioning when set to Public.

Regarding this space, set Public now for review:

annnnnd some other Private pages are not having the same success of becoming visible in Private when set Public and back to Private.

I’ll leave this info dump here, and check in frequently for feedback or troubleshooting tips. Thanks!

I am using the same browser: Version 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build).

Just duplicated your space 2D-to-3D_dev and have no issues loading the UI in private mode.

Are you using several HF accounts by any chance ?

Weird. I created a second HF account this past weekend while Spaces were broken, trying to test if my account was the problem, but I haven’t been able to see Spaces running in Private since I created this original account about a month ago. I can try that second account to see if Spaces load in Private for it.

Since this problem is looking like something on my end, I’ll keep investigating and then follow up when I figure out the cause.

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I logged in to the second account in an Incognito window on Chrome, duplicated that space directly in to private, and same blank page in “App”.

Changing to Public: Loads right away.

Back to Private: Now visible in App, Connection Errored Out message immediately when trying to run.

I’ll keep digging.

hi @Omnibus ,

On your private Space, one thing you can try, inspect the source and grab the iframe src URL with all the params specially the __sign=. Then you can try open the URL in different incognito browsers

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Heck yeah, I’ll start digging right there then. Thanks for the lead!

Should my ‘‘sign=’’ be the same on every private page, out of curiosity?

it’s probably different from each Space

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404: doesn’t exist, when pasting everything inside the quotes of src=“all this”

I’ll try logging in from some other machines too. That should tell me if it’s an issue with my account or with my machine. Thanks @radames and @chris-rannou for the help, I’ll fire back with what I figure out.

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