Saving files on Huggingface?

I’m finding the file system of Huggingface to be a complete mystery.

How to save images produced in HF Spaces to a folder within the HF Space?

If images cannot be saved to folders within the Space, where can they be saved as a dataset/frame?

My objective is to create a dataset using output from my Huggingface Space, is this a thing?

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yes but for now you need to code it (push to a dataset repo from your Space)

We’re thinking of exposing something more automatic and user-friendly, but this is in the future

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right on, I’m getting closer, just taking it one error message at a time XD
I might have to make that user-friendly thing just so I can do the other thing.

Thanks for the feedback!

Progress: Video To RGB Depth Frames - a Hugging Face Space by Omnibus