Add sorting option by model size [New Feature Proposal]

Hi HugginFace team,
I would like to propose adding a new sorting option for the model hub: sorting by the model size.
I am looking for a sentiment analysis model to be used with financial data. I have plenty of choices on the hub but when I want to select the smallest model, there is not quick sorting option to do it.
Best Regards


I would also love this, for the opposite reason of OP. I want to look at the biggest models that my GPU can handle, and it’s very difficult right now without looking through every single recently updated model one at a time.

Hi all! Thanks for the feedback! This is something we’re looking into but it’s not trivial as determining compute resources or knowing the size of the checkpoints is not always straightforward. We’ll look into it!

#parameters of a model is already mentioned right? Is it possible to have a feature to sort the model on #parameters?

this is definitely going to be a very useful feature as wading through tons of models for suitable size as per your requirements is a bit difficult. thanks in advance.