[Announcement] All model cards will be migrated to hf.co model repos

:arrow_right: See PR on transformers repo: https://github.com/huggingface/transformers/pull/9013

TL;DR: Model cards are now living inside each huggingface.co model repo, so we’ll migrate the ones in transformers over.

For consistency, ease of use and scalability, README.md model cards now live directly inside each model repo on the HuggingFace model hub.

How to update a model card

You can directly update a model card inside any model repo you have write access to, i.e.:

  • a model under your username namespace

  • a model under any organization you are a part of.

You can either:

  • update it, commit and push using your usual git workflow (command line, GUI, etc.)

  • or edit it directly from the website’s UI.

What if you want to create or update a model card for a model you don’t have write access to?

In that case, given that we don’t have a Pull request system yet on huggingface.co (:exploding_head:),
you can open an issue on the transformers repo, post the card’s content, and tag the model author(s) and/or the Hugging Face team.

Your early feedback is precious, especially if you’re contributed model cards before.

Please let us know of any suggestion.


Hey @julien-c,

I totally support this idea and the upcoming migration! I think this will heavily reduce workload from the team (now they can review other PRs instead of model cards).

Simply editing a model card + commit it via browser is really great for productivity, because I no longer have to create a PR.

Maybe we could encourage the people to just post a forum thread here to present a potential new model, so that new models are more visible to the community (in the past I just got GitHub notifications for new model card PRs).

Another great feature would be a kind of model card “linting” or checker that scans model card READMEs for e.g. correct yaml syntax or if certain metadata tags (like language or licence) have been specified.


Spot on! All of your points are extremely valid.

@mrm8488 was mentioning the linting/validation/discovery aspect as well.

We’ll work on those points in the coming weeks/months :hugs:

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We already have a (basic) YAML syntax validation when previewing the readme during edit :slight_smile:

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oh I didn’t even know that :joy: :joy:

Thanks @pierric !!

See new “Model cards” topic: About the Model cards category