AutoTrain Compatible

Hello everyone,
What should I do to add autotrain compatible to the model card? Can you help me?

The compatibility is determined by the model config and pipeline. Could you please mention which model you want to make compatible with AutoTrain?

for example;
Can you help me in this regard, if applicable, I would like to create a Turkish model with a new pipeline specific to these models.

you can update config.json to include model type and it should enable autotrain. take a look here: config.json Ā· bert-base-uncased at main

What is the different operation here?
I want to perform text classification on this model. What does it change if there is a label2id in the confis file?
Is the important parameter here architecture?

yes. i believe this model will work if you fix the architecture of the model.

Thank you very much, your support is very valuable to me. I want to ask one more question. This architecture was used for the bert model here, what about the other models?

im afraid, i dont fully understand. could you please elaborate ?

for example,
other model dbmdz/convbert-base-turkish-cased