Cancel and restart .load_event (that comes from every=N) from a function

I wanted to have a “status bar” in my app which would continuously display various global vars as they’re changed from the event listeners (to avoid having to add the status bar component to every event listener as output and also because the main “Submit” button has “show progress” on which would obscure the status bar anyway).

Now, there’s the callable value property and the every polling parameter as well as the handle .load_event which I can use to stop the polling. But the only way to cancel I see is to mention the handle in the cancels param on another listener and no way to restart it at all. Can it be done from inside a function? I want the status bar to start monitoring as I launch prediction and stop as it finishes.

I wouldn’t mind running it forever, but it messes with Collab’s stopping cells and with some behaviour of my app as well.