Clarification on requirements for download count on model page


I noticed that the “downloads last month” metric isn’t always available on the model page. Is there any special requirements for downloads to be counted?

As an example, cafeai/cafe_aesthetic has a download count, while cafeai/wd14-vae does not. The only notable difference I can see is the later not having a config.json file.

As for my own models, I’m not even sure what a config.json file would look like for a custom architecture. I could probably make up a name and manually fill out torch_dtype, etc but that seems silly.

Hi there! Each repo corresponds to different libraries, so the way downloads are configured for each is different. For the first one, it’s a transformers repo and downloads of config.json count as downloads. For the second, it’s a diffusers repo, and downloads of model_index.json are counted as downloads.

I think I’m starting to understand. So the download count only takes into account how many times the config files were downloaded, not the individual model files. In hindsight it makes sense since multi-part models would count as multiple downloads otherwise.

So in my case, for a custom model which doesn’t use any of the core libraries (e.g. just calls hf_hub_download), I’d have to add my own config.json and download it alongside the model if I really wanted to get a download count.

Thanks for the clarification.