Customizing a Gradio interface when loading a Hugging Face model

Hi everyone,

I’m learning how to use gradio to deploy demos of models I’ve built in Hugging Face. One question though, when I load a model in this fashion:

iface = gr.Interface.load('huggingface/...', alias='Classifier')

How can I add title, description and other customizations to the interface? When I try to add it under the Interface() method it asks for a function:

iface = gr.Interface(title="demo title", description="this is a classifier").load('huggingface/...', alias='Classifier')

How can I do this without providing a function?

Thank you!

Hi @smc, good question – you can do this by passing the parameters into load() itself. So like this:

iface = gr.Interface.load('huggingface/...', title="demo title", description="this is a classifier")
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