Dataframe output table download as csv

Hi, having predictions as a Dataframe table is there a way to gave a user an option to download the table as CSV? I need that “download CSV” button. Thank you!

Hi @dimadgo !

I don’t think you can download directly from the dataframe output but you can save the dataframe as a csv from within your function and then store it in a separate gr.File output.

Hi freddyaboulton, it looks like a solution in most cases, but if I set output dataframe object as interactive for user to be able to change content of the output table (like adding notes to it) this will not work I suppose, any ideas?

Check out the example here, it shows how to do exactly this: interactive = True does not work in output gr.Dataframe() · Issue #2975 · gradio-app/gradio · GitHub

Some example code would be nice.


Any update on this feature of downloading the CSV from the dataframe output ?