Highest Transformer vers. that works with Sagemaker?


Me and my research team have been wanting to deploy a transformer model on AWS.

Just wanted to know what is the highest version of transformer api that can run with estimator and AWS tuner ?

Last time i saw was that transformer version 3.5.1 works but can i use 4.10?

Have someone tried it?

Any input is much appreciated.

Hey @moma1820,

The current latest version of transformers for SageMaker is 4.6.1.
You can find a list of the currently supported versions in our documentation here: Hugging Face on Amazon SageMaker
We are keeping this up to date.

Speaking of transformers 4.10.0 we are in the middle of creating a new DLC and support for the Estimator. You can find the PR here [huggingface_tensorflow, huggingface_pytorch] update for Transformers to 4.10 by philschmid ยท Pull Request #1286

But IF you want to use a specific transformers version for either inference and training you can always create an additional requirements.txt including your preferred transformers version and provide it for either training or inference.

Alright thanks! <3