How to input a directory path with file manager?

Hello all.
I want to save different images to a path which is to be selected by a file manager.
As an example, I use as input:
input_files = gr.inputs.File(file_count="multiple",label="Input Files")
With this function I can select a folder in the file manager and directly read all files.
Now I want to be able to select the output folder with the file manager (the output folder is empty) to be able to store generated images there later.
The only way I can specify an output folder is to create a text box (which is not very nice to use) like
output_path = gr.Textbox(value = "/home/user/results/")
but typing out paths is not really comfortable

Is there any way to select a folder like gr.input.File and get the original path?
I would imagine there should be something like:
output_path = gr.inputs.path(file_count="directory")

Thanks for the help

Hi Alex, apologies for the late reply. This isn’t currently possible as far as I know. Feel free to create an issue around this so that our team can add it to the roadmap! Issues · gradio-app/gradio (