PreTrain Wav2Vec2 in Turkish

PreTrain Wav2Vec2 in Turkish

On the previous community event I pretrained a Turkish Wav2Vec2 model using the fairseq script. This is a subpar model because I hadn’t cleaned the data.
This time I want to do it properly with the freshly merged :hugs: FlaxWav2Vec2 + PreTraining script


A randomly initialized Wav2Vec2 model


One can make use Common Voice the dataset is also available through the datasets library here: common_voice · Datasets at Hugging Face.

Available training scripts

FlaxWav2Vec2 will be merged soon: [Flax] Add wav2vec2 by patrickvonplaten · Pull Request #12271 · huggingface/transformers · GitHub and a pretraining script should be relatively easy to be merged.

(Optional) Desired project outcome

The best Turkish ASR model.

(Optional) Challenges

I have some additional scraped audiobook data. Might need a bit more though.


This is a well-defined topic, let’s define it as well!

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