Reporting users for harassment

Just lately we are receiving PR requests which are not helpful, but are actually aimed at harassing/trolling our team of developers. Removing the ability to send PR requests stops this issue, but makes it impossible for others to submit a PR request.

Is there a way to report/block users from accessing our repo? I hate to do this, but spammy/harassing messages on PR requests and Issue trackers are not something I like to see on huggingface.

PS: Note that these harassment also contain NSFW images and are emailed to us, which also creates a secondary problem where someone could send a tracking dot to the development team.

Hi @mrseeker87

There is no repo-level block feature for the moment, but there is a “report this comment” feature on each comment:

Based on this feature we can manually block users according to the HF content guidelines

That is for comments, I am asking here specifically for PR requests. They changed several lines of the “how to use” with profanities, which is still up it seems. Comment is hidden now, which I can only assume happened because someone used the report buttons (could not find them on mobile browser).