RobIt : PreTrain RoBERTa-base from scratch in Italian

1. RobIt

The idea is to use the Italian portion of mC4 (which is about 590 GB) and OSCAR dataset(which is about 137 GB) to pre-train a RoBERTa-base model.

2. Language

The model will be trained in Italian

3. Model used


4. Datasets

OSCAR-Italian, Italian Portion of multilingual C4 dataset

5.Training Scripts:

There are already Flax scripts to pre-train RoBERTa that we can easily use:

Google Colaboratory

6. Challenges:

  • It is too much data. We need a way to reduce the amount of data to finish on time so we will use random sampling.
  • Achieving SOTA.

7. Desired Possible Outcome:

  • A Italian monolingual well performing model. We could optionally test the validity of our results at a later stage by fine-tuning the model on some downstream tasks.

8. Reads


Count me in !!!

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Count me in :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Would love to be a part of this, count me in too!

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Great! Finalizing this project!

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