SageMaker Pipeline from model saved on S3

Hi all,

I have a domain-adapted LLM saved in an S3. Is it possible to use that model’s S3 path to then finetune other downstream models (i.e. for text classification) using separate SageMaker pipelines?

Currently those downstream tasks use a HuggingFace model ID as a model_id hyperparameter in our SageMaker Pipeline’s huggingface_estimator. I am thinking I could just swap out the model_idargument for model_name_or_path or model_data arguments, which then points to the tar.gz saved in an S3. Is that the right approach? Or would I need to use the S3Downloader?

Yes, you can add your model trom S3 to the sagemaker environment and then use the path where it is located instead of the model id