Tagging (with git tags) models for versioning

In the huggingface-hub Python client there are two methods that can be user for (git) tagging:

However, with the huggingface-cli tagging is not possible, and I don’t see a way to create tags in Hugging Face Hub website either. Or am I missing something?

I think it would be possible to create tags with git, e.g. git tag v0.42.0 and then pushing them with git push --tags. However, for this the whole repository should be present.

I’ve been working on integration of a software tool with Hugging Face Hub, but for simplicity it would be best to leave the tagging functionality out of the implementation if there just was some other way to tag the uploaded models.

Tagging models would be valuable to be able to reference a specific version of the models, because a repository most probably will contain multiple versions of the models.

Or is the practice at HF Hub that branches are used for versioning? At least in LumiOpen/Poro-34B this is the case: there are branches for checkpoints 100B-1000B.

An issue for tagging with huggingface-cli was created:

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