Thai ASR: Fine-Tuning Wav2Vec2

Hi there! I just have a couple of hours to take the quick end-to-end test.
Turned out I just modified from great work Turkish ASR tutorial by @patrickvonplaten

You can check my training and interference code here:

Also, model here:

For training detail:

  • Use proper Thai word tokenizer for pre-processing step
  • Most of the parameters is the same as the original script but I change the number of epoch to 6
  • With 6 epochs it took around 50 minutes with WER ~ 0.68 at the end, which is look so good to me!

Next step:

  • Tweak more with hyperparameter tuning
  • Checking more about the decoding pipeline. It may helps
  • Finish reading all wav2vec2 articles by @patrickvonplaten and improve this work

Feel free to let me know if I could improve in some aspects. Thanks!

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