Update components

Hi, everyone.
I’m new in gradio and would like to know if someone can help me.

I want to add a hidden figure component in my app, and when the button is click, I want to update the figure component and make it visible, and then show my output in the figure component.
I have seen some examples, however, some of them do the execution and then the figure component is updated.
I want to start the execution, make visible the component, wait for the results and then show it in the visible component.
Is that possible?
Thanks for the help

Hi, everyone.
I could solve it using the then method.

I left a similar example in case someone need it.

import gradio as gr
import time

counter = 1

def visible_component(input_text):
    return gr.update(visible=True)

def generate_output(input_text):
    global counter
    output_text = "Hello, " + input_text + "!"
    counter += 1
    return output_text

with gr.Blocks() as demo:
    with gr.Row():
        # column for inputs
        with gr.Column():
            input_text = gr.Textbox(label="Input Text")
            submit_button = gr.Button("Submit")
        # column for outputs
        with gr.Column():
            output_text = gr.Textbox(visible=False)


Facing this Gradio API call error:
File β€œ/home/user/.local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/gradio_client/client.py”, line 824, in _predict
raise ValueError(result[β€œerror”])
ValueError: None

Is there a kind of full guide regarding using Gradio api including named APIs and unnamed fn_index APIs?
Thanks and expecting an answer.