Vietnamese NLP - Introductions

Greetings !
This is the introduction thread for Vietnamese NLP practitioners.
Welcome, and please introduce yourself and let us know:

  • Your name, Github, Hugging Face, and/or Twitter handle
  • Your interest in Vietnamese NLP
  • Some projects you are working on or interested in starting
  • Any other languages that you speak, any personal interests, anything else really :hugs:

Hi, my name is Minh. I work as AI engineering in Ha Noi, Vietnam. My interest in ML / NLP started in early 2020.

Currently, I like to experiment with Fine-tune Sentiment analysis, NER, Pos tag and Build Pretrain.
In parallel with Roberta, we are also exploring language models, currently training a Electra and having fun with various experiments with Onnx runtime, distill.
I hope we could connect and work together on interesting Vietnamese nlp projects.

My handles:


Hello everyone !
I’m Thành, I’m an AI engineer for a private company in Hanoi. My github is @luvata.

Currently I’m learning HF’s transformers and trying to integrate my custom model to transformers. I will share my approach here after I finish.

I hope that our community will grow and have interesting meetings in the future

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My name is Tien Dung,

I’m a ex-programmer live in Hanoi. I’m quite new to the field of deep learning but have some experience in NLP long time ago. I have some ideas to apply new approach to improve Vietnamese input method.

Just create a project for Flax/JAX at the link below. Please discuss to see if it’s a good problem to be solved.

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