Why multilingual BERT tokenizer doesn't remove accent markers?

Hi everyone
I’m wondering why the pretrained ‘bert-base-multilingual-cased’ tokenizer cannot remove accent markers?

To reproduce:

from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModel
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained('bert-base-multilingual-cased')

and the result gives

['[CLS]', 'r', '##és', '##um', '##é', '[SEP]’]

However, the document says “When calling encode() or encode_batch(), the input text(s) go through the following pipiline: Normalization, Pre-Tokenization, The Model, Post-Processing” in this page: The tokenization pipeline — tokenizers documentation. The Normalization includes stripping whitespace, removing accented characters or lowercasing all text, which is also mentioned in the BERT GitHub README: bert/multilingual.md at master · google-research/bert · GitHub.
According to the huggingface tokenizer introduction, we can evaluate as follows

from tokenizers import normalizers 
from tokenizers.normalizers import NFD, StripAccents 
normalizer = normalizers.Sequence([NFD(), StripAccents()])

and the result gives:


Thus, it seems to me that tokenizer does not perform accent removal.
What’s happening here? I’m quite confused.

Please help clarify this problem.