400 Client Error in Inference API for sentence similarity task

Getting ‘400 Client Error: Bad Request for url’ error while trying out the widgets of sentence- similarity task.

Faced this issue while trying to use many sentence-similarity models uploaded in the last 2 months: (Mentioning the names of few models for example)

Is this some problem with the model or it this a problem related to HF inference API?
Any help regarding how to fix this error would be appreciated.


@ananya20 did you find a solution?
I’m facing the same issue.
it is working locally, but the pushed version on HG throws the same error.

@bayang I haven’t found a solution yet. I could see this error in most sentence-similarity models pushed on Hugging Face recently. I do not think this is an issue with the model files

@ananya20 Exactly my model is working offline when I call my private model using use_auth_token, it works perfectly locally.
If we were able to see and modify the code behind their free API inferencing, this could be great.

The issue seems to be resolved now. The error is gone and APIs are working well.

You are right, it is also working on my side:)