A n00b's Questions

Hi All,
During the Christmas holiday, I started using Stable Diffusion and DreamStudio, to create NFTs and I am hooked!

I have enjoyed the process and the generative art community on Objkt and Twitter.

You can see my NFTs here. I am getting to the limits of my knowledge and have several questions.

  1. Upscaling - I have played with SwinIR and Real-ESRGAN, and I have been unimpressed. Yes, the images are higher resolution, but they lose details. I am OK if the upscaling changes the images slightly as long as the image is at a higher resolution with similar detail as the original. Is there a way to upscale with a prompt?
  2. Plotting - I have created several technical drawings and would like to plot their drawings. I have checked out Inkscape, and the software quickly surpasses my abilities. Is there a simple way to set up DreamStudio drawings for plotting?
  3. Growing machines? - I have started to use ChatGPT and p5js to create generative art; the combination is impressive. I want to use p5js to grow machines (see DreamStudio example). Is there an n00bs way to use algorithms, machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning to generate algorithms of machine images ?

Thank you!

  • Mark