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Hey everyone, can we form a study group similar to how MLT does it?
I really suck at keeping up with a course alone and would love to set up a weekly meeting kind of thing where we all can actually go through some parts of the course on our own and then discuss the same. We can then leave the entire week to practice it out and then discuss it briefly at the start of the next week session before repeating.


Sure, I’m up for it. Shall we setup a discord server?

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Yes Vinay, that’s the best way, I just set one up. Here’s a link to it: https://discord.gg/AEz4reDd .We can decide the days and time based on the people who join

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Thanks, I already joined.

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I’ve requested the kind people at MLT to help as well.

Once we find enough interest-we’ll setup the meet-ups :smiley:


First of all: many many thanks for putting this course online, it is a big help for me! I already worked through everything and now I can’t wait for the next part.

When do you plan to put online chapters 5 - 8?

Thank you very much!



hey @kiranmusze - great to hear that you enjoyed the first part and congrats on finishing it so quickly! we plan to release the next part later this year, hopefully around autumn :slight_smile:

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I am unable to join the discord server. It seems like the link has expired.

Could you resend the invitation link? I am interested in joining the study group. Thanks!

Where can I get slides of video? Thanks!

hey @Givan we don’t plan to release the slides of the videos but almost everything is already reproduced in the course material / notebooks!

Hi Huggingface,

First of all, thank you for the excellent course! I just wanted to check if there are any new updates regarding the expected next chapters? I am really looking forward to it!

Best regards,

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Just want to give a shoutout: many thanks and lots of love for putting this course online, it is a big help to understand the library and use it effectively.

Hopefully chapters 5 - 8 will come out soon!

Thank you very much again!



Hey @Jovan we’re working on the next chapters right now and are aiming for a release sometime before the end of the year :slight_smile:


Hey @lewtun,
Excellent, thanks for the reply, and special thanks for your efforts!

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I am looking for a learning path to become a huggingface :hugs: developer. From zero to hero :grin:taking into account best practices. Does something like this exist? Thank you. :pray:
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