About collaborative translation

Everyone, first of all the huggingface course notes are very nice. Good luck to everyone.

Together with our friends (@basakbuluz @ayyucekizrak ) we are working voluntarily to increase Turkish open source content in the field of machine learning.
We also compile these resources on our YZAI website for access from one place.

We can contribute primarily to the translation of Hugginface Course contents into Turkish.

As a method for translation, for example, the translation repository of ML notes by Amidi brothers from Stanford is very convenient and provides a nice guide.
Can such an infrastructure be provided and is it possible to contribute to other languages?


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Thanks a lot for reaching out! We are in the process of open-sourcing the content of the course, which will make it easier to translate the material as well as the video subtitles! It’s probably going to take a few weeks though, but I’ll ping here when it’s done!


Looking forward to the open-sourced course! I can contribute to Japanese translation.

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