Turkish NLP - Introductions

Hello there! This is the introduction thread for Turkish NLP practitioners.

Welcome, and please introduce yourself below:

  • Your name, Github, Hugging Face, and/or Twitter handle
  • Your interest in Turkish NLP
  • Some projects you are working on or interested in starting
  • Any other languages that you speak, any personal interests, or anything else :smile:


I’m Merve, a Google Developer Expert in ML and have been practicing NLP for over two years now, making chatbots and other NLP tools. I’m currently working on an information extraction model, I’m modeling it with domain-specific QNLI models in huggingface. Will post my super-messy notebooks once I get them tidied up! :hugs:


Hey, It is so good to see a Turkish NLP community in Huggingface. I am Abdulkadir, junior in METU Ceng. I am working on NLP projects for only 6 months now but i am very enthusiastic! I am currently working on Turkish Q&A generation.


Welcome Kadir :hugs: Which model are you using for Turkish QA?

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I am currently experimenting with Google’s mT5 model. In the summer we created an English Q&A generation project with T5, now with the help of mT5 hoping to create the same success at Turkish :grin:

I’m also using fine-tuned T5 (on paraphrasing) for data augmentation but I’m not using it for Turkish, it’s a very handy model :nerd_face:We should have a separate thread to discuss this though, NLP is too big to fit in a thread! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello everyone! My name is Alperen, I’m 3rd year Computer Engineering student at METU. I have been studying and practicing NLP since last summer. I’m currently working on a Turkish Q&A generation model and Information Retrieval methods. It’s so good to finally see a place for Turkish NLP enthusiasts using huggingface. :hugs:


Hi, I’m Ahmet. I’m teaching on Machine Learning since 2018, and working on NLP for about a year now.

  • My Github and Twitter handle is: ahmetmeleq
  • I’m working on Information Retrieval and QA in Turkish Language. I am also interested in any other NLP related topic at a basic level.
  • Currently working on DPR (Dense Passage Retrieval) model and its usage in Turkish.

I hope this community gets bigger and more impactful day by day :smile:


Hello, I am Mustafa. I have a big interest on ML and NLP since 2018. I am currently working on a chatbot that is voice based health assistant. I love creating and contributing open source projects that you can find on github.

I expect that this community makes a huge impact on Turkish NLP as @ahmetmeleq said. :tada:


Hi everyone, I am Şafak. I’m 3rd year Computer Engineering student at YTU. I’m working on NLP about 9 months.

  • My Github handle: safakkbilici, Twitter handle: a_bayesian
  • I am currently researching intersection of Turkish NLP and Variational Inference at a research lab in YTU.
  • I am also interested in other Computational Linguistics related topics and Bayesian Machine Learning.
  • Out of NLP, I am a pianist and classical music composer.

Nice to meet you everyone! :hugs:


Hi everyone. I’m Ayhan, customer data specialist @Renault. My daily work is about building ML models to classify customer verbatim. Working mainly with TF (and TF ecosystem) on GCP.


Hey, My name is Mert, a Freshman student at the Bursa Technical University.
I am here because I know NLP is so important area. I am interested this area but I have no knowledge. I am waiting day that I would contribute this community. :))

My github name is mertbozkir. I am busy to understand Deep Learning concepts.

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Hello everyone, my name is Yusuf. I am working on Turkish name entity recognition.I hope this community will be better together.
Github profile
Any questions please send message.


Hey I am Zaid, I mostly work with Arabic and I am also interested in MRLs (morphogically rich languages). I created this thread to discuss such interesting and difficult languages. I am interested in learning how such language are similar and distant in terms of linguistics.

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Hello everybody :crossed_fingers:
I am Başak, a research assistant at Gebze Technical University and also PhD candidate.
I’ve been working on data science and machine learning since 2014, and I focused on NLP in my PhD. I continue to work on question answering and machine comprehension.

I am also a member of the Turkic Interlingua (TIL) community, which hosts researchers who come together to academic research, create and share datasets, and develop language technologies in Turkic languages.

On the other hand, I take an active role in the Artificial Intelligence Research Initiative, which is the artificial learning platform that we aim to bring together applications, academic publications, educational resources and blog posts in Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning.

I believe in the power of the researchers who came together to create, I have no doubt that it will have a nice effect! Pleased to meet you, I’m already excited for the successful work to be done!


Hello all hands, I’m Emre.

  • My Github handle is iamvarol.
  • I work for a Serbian-game company as a data scientist.
  • I’m mentoring on Machine Learning Bootcamp since 2019.
  • I’m working on NLP for about six months now, mostly via SparkNLP.
    Pleased to meet this community.

Hello again!
I’ve written an NLP tutorial here: Turkish NLP - Tutorial if you have a notebook for demo purposes, please share. You can also contribute to github repo, there’s a to-do (I also forgot to demo inference). I also wanted to showcase trainer API but as far as I get, datasets in datasets library are not compatible with models in trainer API (both for tensorflow and pytorch).
Please share your notebooks, resources, medium blogs etc. here: Turkish NLP - Showcase Projects, Resources

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Hi everyone,
I am Şükrü working as a NLP Researcher and also trying to finish my MSc in METU Cognitive Science.

I have only made some sentiment analysis work using Huggingface’s Turkish BERT model in the Turkish language. I usually work with English but I would like to shift into Turkish as well.


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Hi, This is Oguzhan Sahin, currently studying computer engineering in MSKU, interested in NLP about one year. Also, currently working part-time in newmind-ai. I am developing Turkish NER (Named Entity Recognition) models.

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Hello Everybody, I’m Berk. I’m currently working as a BI Analyst in Italy and trying to educate myself on the NLP side. I have a big interest in NLP since 2019 and I want to be part of the Turkish NLP community.

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