Arabic NLP - Introductions

This is the introduction thread for Arabic NLP practitioners.

Welcome! Please introduce yourself and let us know:

  • Your name, Github, Hugging Face, and/or Twitter handle
  • Your interest in Arabic NLP
  • Some projects you are working on or interested in starting
  • Any other languages that you speak, any personal interests, anything else really :wink:

Hey, I am Zaid Alyafeai, my handle is @zaidalyafeai in all platforms. I have been working on Arabic NLP for a while now tackling different problems like text generation, evaluating tokenizers for Arabic, compact language modelling and distillation. I am currently working on improving language modelling for Arabic. I and my friend Maged co-founded arbml which is library that revises the nlp pipeline for Arabic starting from preprocessing, tokenization, training and deployment ARBML · GitHub. I speak kind of English and mostly I like to work on GANs in my free time.


I’m Shorouq (don’t worry, I forgive you for not being able to pronounce this). Got to work with Arabic NLP during my graduate programme at Uppsala University (language technology). I consider Arabic dialects to be separate languages and it’s a special interest of mine. Another important interest for me is chatbots and I’m hoping to get started on a Levantine Arabic conversational bot using language-generation. Let’s see how that goes. I speak Arabic and English fluently, quite rusty german, and intermediate Swedish.

Add me on Twitter to chat!


Hey, I’m Abdulelah Al Mesfer. I consider myself as a novice in NLP. At the moment, I’m interested in working with gulf dialects in Arabic (Saudi, UAE, Oman, Yemen … etc) and dialects within Saudi Arabia (Najdi, Hijaz, … etc).

Starting this fall, I’ll be pursuing a graduate degree where I’ll attempt to focus on contributing to Arabic NLP research and applications.

My GH handle is @abdulelahsm and you can connect with me on twitter @asmesfer

Looking forward to learn from and contribute to this community :smiley:


Hi, I’m Osama Salem. Sophomore student majored in CS. I’m new to the whole idea of NLP and specifically Arabic NLP.
I joined the world of machine learning 6 months ago. 3 months later I started working on basic NLP in English. Now for the last two weeks, I’m focusing on Arabic NLP.
All the NLP tasks that I have worked on are text classification specifically working on newsletters. I’m trying to get satisfying results before moving to the next NLP task.
You can find me on Twitter:, and I speak both Arabic and English.


Hi, I’m Nick Doiron (monsoon-nlp here, mapmeld on Twitter).
A year ago I combined Arabic dialect datasets to make a classifier; I also have a GPT-2 model finetuned on dialect markers but I can’t test the accuracy.
In 2019 I visited Re-Coded’s code schools in Turkey and Iraq. I’d be interested in projects which would support and engage the Arabic speakers in their programs.
I’m also attempting to test model bias with a seq2seq model which flips male and female words. Still a work in progress - need to find additional sources for training data


Hi, I am Kamel Gaanoun from Morocco(kamelstats on Twitter). I am starting m’y PhD on Arabic-NLP with a focus on dialects. I am interested un dialect Identification, topic modelling and automatic translation. I speak Arabic, French and English.


Hey all, nice to meet you. If you already know we have an article about state of Arabic NLP Arabic NLP - Tutorial - الدورة التعليمية, please look at, revise and suggest any improvements.

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Hey, my name is Ebrahim Mohammed, my handle on Twitter is @mobarmg. I am the engineering manager for Naseej where I lead a team of software engineers, ML engineers, and researchers. I am interested in NLU, Knowledge representation, and extraction. We plan to build real-world applications of natural language processing for the Arabian region.


Hi, my name is Bilel Moulahi. I work as a data scientist at Akio (Montpellier, France). My twitter is @bilelmoulahi.
Actually, my work on NLP mainly focuses on text classification and extraction problems. I speak Arabic, French and English.
For now, I mostly work on French and Spanish data, but I’m also curious about Arabic as it is my native language.


Hey all, I created a new thread to discuss a family languages called MRLs (Arabic included).

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Hello everyone, I hope I’m not very late here.
I’m Mohamed Al Salti, M-Salti on Github, salti on HF and m_salti_ on Twitter (such a mess of handles, right?)
I started working on Arabic NLP last year, mostly on question answering and information retrieval for my graduation project, and I have published some QA models to the model hub.
Currently, I’m trying to work on natural language generation in Arabic and trying to be better at deep learning in general.
I speak English very well and know very basic French and German.

I look forward to collaborating with this community and seeing it grow.



  • My name is Mohamed El-Geish (Github, Hugging Face, Twitter, etc:
  • I’m interested in NLP and Speech, especially ASR and QA
  • Some projects I’m working on: elgeish (Mohamed El-Geish)
  • Arabic and English (native); Spanish and German (basic)

Looking forward to collaborating with you all!


Hi all :hugs:
This is Obeida ElJundi. I am a data scientist at Schlumberger, UAE.

I just finished my 3-years Masters at American University of Beirut, and I am a member of the AUB MIND. My main focus was about Arabic NLP. Some of my work in Arabic NLP includes:

  • winning first place in extracting emotions from Arabic Tweets in SemEval 2018
  • developing the first Arabic-specific universal model: hULMonA
  • developing a dataset for Arabic Image Captioning
    Repos & papers are on AUB MIND Github

I speak Arabic & English. Looking forward to meet you guys & to contribute to this awesome community!

my handles:

  • Twitter: EljundiObeida
  • LinkedIn: obeidaeljundi
  • Github: ObeidaElJundi
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I’m Ahmed Abdou.
Github: AhmedAbdel-Aal · GitHub

I am interested in Arabic NLP in general because I know that Arabic NLP has yet much work to do and we should invest in it. I am working currently in research project to review the Arabic Diacritization techniques applied so far, how can we improve it, how much useful it can be. I am also interested in affective computing in general.