Persian NLP - Introductions

Salam!!! :iran:

Welcome! This is the introduction thread for Persian! Please introduce yourself and let us know:

  • Your name, Github, Hugging Face, and/or Twitter handle
  • Your interest in Persian NLP
  • Some projects you are working on or interested in starting
  • Any other languages that you speak, any personal interests, or anything else :hugs:

I’m AliAkbar, just a simple tech! I have been practicing NLP for over two years now and currently working on chatbots, semantic search, sentence paraphrasing, and NLP in complex network tasks like influence maximization.
We (me and @mmsamiei) have a Telegram channel about NLP, and we will be honored to have you join us.
Our Telegram channel: NLP stuff – Telegram
My Github: AliAkbarBadri (AliAkbar Badri) · GitHub


Thank you @mmsamiei for this thread!
I’m Amir-Ahmad, a language enthusiast. I’ve had some experience in lexical semantics in general, and specifically on polysemy, homonymy, and synonymy on a multilingual level. I’ve also been spending some time on morphology, and a bit on the historical analysis of language change.
Here’s my GitHub, although I don’t have much on it.


I’m MohammadMahdi, data scientist and NLP specialist. Thank you @mmsamiei to starting this thread. I am working on named entity recognition and speech to text on language model view. Here’s my Github page and a useful Telegram channel, NLP stuff.


I’m Mahdi Rezaei, as a long-term student, I have been mainly involved in doing NLP projects in the Iranian AI industry and Academia, during the last few years.

My research interests are G2P(Grapheme to phoneme), TTS, etc.

My colleges and I have made the 4th version of the most popular Persian TTS (Ariana), thanks to Deep Learning.

for more info:


This is me, Mehrdad Farahani. I’m an NLP researcher at Hooshvare. We bring NLP powers to the Persian Language. You may have known us or used our models and projects.

Get to know me more:
Or our team:


Hi , I’m mohammad , Thank you @mmsamiei for starting this ,
Now I’m learning ML , DL from Deep learning goodfellow , yann lecun and MIT courses :sweat_smile:, I’m very eager to research and implement Now I’m software engineer and I’m in 8th semester of bachelor
This is my github


Thank you @mmsamiei
I’m Saeed Bibak, I have been developing and managing many NLP projects for 4 years. I had some experience in summarization, LM, NER, text classification and etc. I am working with a great team at partdpai. I interested in language itself and Devops Engineering.
telegram @saeedBibak
linkdin saeed-bibak


Hey I am Zaid, I mostly work with Arabic and I am also interested in MRLs (morphologically rich languages). I created this thread to discuss such interesting and difficult languages. I am interested in learning how such language are similar and distant in terms of linguistics.



Thank you @mmsamiei for this thread.
I’m Danial, a data scientist, and NLP specialist. During my master’s degree, I focused on language modeling and language generation task and also the evaluation metrics for them. Currently, I’m working in the industry and tackle with real NLP problems which can mainly be grouped in text classification. Besides that, I’m interested in ML DevOps.

Here is my Github and Linkedin.



Thanks for starting this thread. I’m Hadi Minooei, doing NLP for 3 years and AI/ML in general for about 8 years. I work in alternative data industry in US currently, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I do some casual blogging here.


How can I join to Slack?


Thank you @mmsamiei
I’m Sajjad Ayoubi, just 20 years old, a novice machine learning engineer, currently working on chatbots and QA systems in the industry
I’d like to work on Open Source projects (looking for some collaboration)
Here is my Github and Linkedin.

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Hey folks,
My name is saied and I’m working as Data scientist at datacolab.

My linkdin page: said alimoradi
My Blog : RohanAiLab
My Blog space at HF: Rohan HF space
My github page: saied71

Great to be Here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi guys,

This is Ali, I’m a Computer vision researcher at alphareality co. My main focus was on the field of biometric authentication. It’s just around 2 years to start learning NLP and speech processing after getting familiar with the beloved HF framework.

Here is my Linkedin and, Github accounts.

Wish the best for all of you.