About the πŸ€— Course Projects category

This category will regroup all course projects for the Course Community Event. It is just open as a teaser right now, you will be able to post in it starting Friday November 12th.

For this event, you will work in teams of up to four people to create a model and make a live demo on a Space anyone can play around with. A very popular space as an example is AnimeGAN v2.

:wave: The requirement to get the certificate of completion of the course is to have a working space on your project a Hugging Face team member can check before November 24.

We have suggested a few ideas of projects in this category. You can create a new project by creating a new topic in this category, or join an existing project by replying to that topic. We don’t recommend creating projects that imply pretraining a full model (at least not for your first project), start with something that fine-tunes an existing pretrained model to make sure you have a space working.

AWS is sponsoring this event and will offer free compute using AWS SageMaker from November 17 to November 19. Once you have selected a project and have gathered your team you will need to fill a form to get access to a special AWS account you can use to get this free compute. All models trained this way will need to be updated to the Amazon SageMaker Community organization. You should have received the link to join it in the email with all the Course information.

Of course, you are welcome to use your own GPUs / cloud providers if that’s your preference.

You can live-chat with your team members on our Discord. Join here then go to the #join-course channel.


This category also aims to provide you with:

  • Ideas for projects that you can work on in teams during the community event
  • A means to find people in the community to work with together

Of course, you are completely free to also suggest your own ideas! As Sylvain notes, you’ll be able to do this once we open up the category to the community on Friday


Hi @lewtun , I completed the course material and wondering what is the next step to earn the certificate as it is obviously post Nov now.

Hi @nickmuchi great job on completing all the course material! We offered the certificates as part of the community event and we’re currently discussing in the team if/when to offer them in general.