Create a detector of toxicity from political tweets in Spain

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The goal of this project is to automatically identify toxic speech emitted by politicians on Twitter. It is focused on Spain which is an interesting multilingual case with several co-official languages which are used interchangeably in politics.


Multilingual models like xlm-roberta-base.


  • tweet_eval is a related resource, but it is English-only.


  • Getting high-quality data in Spanish and/or integrating data in other languages.

Desired project outcomes

  • Create a Streamlit or Gradio app on :hugs: Spaces that is able to detect toxicity from tweets.

Discord channel

To chat and organise with other people interested in this project, head over to our Discord and:

  • Follow the instructions on the #join-course channel

  • Join the #toxic-tweets-es channel

Just make sure you comment here to indicate that you’ll be contributing to this project :slight_smile:

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I’d love to work on this project!


Hi! I’m also collaborating in this project