Accelerate: command not found

So I read about the accelerate library and it sounds way easier to use than the pytorch DPP.
So I installed it using pip install accelerate on my virtual machine (linux docker). After that I tried to type the command accelerate configurate in the terminal and it tells me that : bash: accelerate: command not found. any solutions please ?
Thanks in advance

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What may be happening is the wrong python could be getting pointed to: python - pip not installing entry_points as executables - Stack Overflow

You should check which python and pip show accelerate to see where everything is being installed.

Ideally try using something like venv or conda to install it there, I haven’t personally had issues with the entrypoint commands having issues that way

But isn’t google colab run in your browser totally independend from the programs you have downloaded on your pc? Like python? Furthermore I wouldn’t know how to check if the wrong python is being pointed at, since without the pro version one doesnt have access to the terminal