Accessing a Streamlit Private Space on MacOS/Safari


I currently have a Streamlit space deployed within an organization, so it it private to users that have an email invite.

Everything is working great for most users, however a key user who is using MacOS gets a blank screen when clicking on the space link from the organization home after logging in successfully. All other users don’t have this issue and are using Windows.

The Mac user has tried Safari and Chrome browsers but the app output is blank in both.

Any ideas how I can resolve this? Unfortunately I don’t have access to a Mac myself to try things out which is making supporting my colleague a more difficult.

Many thanks in advance


Hi Charles!

Sorry for the slow reply. I think this might not be related to the operating system, but due to some cookies. I would suggest the user to clean up cookies and retry.

cc @whitphx

A friendly llama

@opengoalapp Hi,

  • If Streamlit’s version is lower than 1.18.1, please try upgrading it to 1.18.1 or higher. The latest version is ideal.
    • This problem looked similar to what you reported, while it’s not only on private apps but occurred in all Spaces when accessed with recent releases of the browsers which block third-party cookies. It was fixed in streamlit=1.18.1
  • Please try accessing the embedded app URL directly which is obtained from the “Embed this Space” dialog as follows, e.g. telling this URL to the member who are using Mac.

    • While I couldn’t determine the exact cause of the problem, this might solve the error if it is derived from something around the auth system or third-party-cookie-related things.

Please let us know it doesn’t solve the error.