Add an official API binding for PHP alongside PHP-ML support (complete with examples and setup guide)

I desperately need access to a model from Hugging Face for my website. The whole thing is written in PHP; I even tried getting it to interoperate with a Python script (using Hugging Face’s transformer library), but that just didn’t work at all (note that the Python script itself DID work, but I just had trouble getting the results through PHP). As I last resort, I downloaded a third-party binding for PHP, but it was unmaintained and no version of it I could find worked. This is the ONLY PHP library I could find that supports the Hugging Face API.

I wish there was a version of the Hugging Face API that worked as well as the JS or Python version. I also wish there was a way to download and run the models locally through the transformer library on my server like is possible through PyTorch (supposedly using the PHP-ML library in place of PyTorch).