Additional search filters for model hub

I love the model hub, but currently it’s a bit hard to keep tabs with all the new models getting added. Currently it’s possible to sort by most downloaded, but this will be for all time - and older standard models like BERT will always be at the top.

It’d be great to have some additional search functionality, so that you could specify date ranges. This would allow more defined searches like ‘most downloaded over the past month’.

With such functionality it’d be a lot easier to keep up to tabs with all the new models, without having to keep tabs on every single model added to the hub.

I see that a revamp of the model search was mentioned here, but this doesn’t seem to have happened yet: Feature request: more flexible search in model / dataset hub - #4 by mrdrozdov

Hi @sbsky,

Thanks for the feedback. Regarding sorting the models by most downloaded, note that it’s not based on all-times downloads, but only on the last 30 days.

Having a more powerful search/filtering is something that is an essential part of our roadmap, and we plan to release gradual improvements in the coming weeks. We also recently added a way to sort by “most liked” models, and new filters allowing to filter for models trained or compatible w/ AutoNLP.

Oh that’s good to know, thanks. I guess to further clarify, it would be ‘most downloaded model that was uploaded in the past 30 days’