AI Content Detection Tool

I am working on a AI content detection tool, where the tool takes an input and tells how much percentage of input is human written. Like similar tool, help me how to train such a model for best accuracy, because training model on less data is not good, also i am taking into account perplexity.

Great initiative! To enhance accuracy in your AI content detection tool, consider leveraging transfer learning with pre-trained language models like GPT-4 for a solid foundation. Fine-tune the model on a diverse dataset that captures various writing styles. Optimize hyperparameters, such as learning rate, batch size, and epoch count, to fine-tune performance.

Considering perplexity is commendable. Ensure your model minimizes perplexity, indicating better language understanding. Regularly validate and fine-tune on a larger dataset for improved generalization. Explore resources on AI Tools Guidance for detailed insights into model training and refinement. Check also, how does perplexity AI work?

By integrating these strategies, you can elevate your AI content detection tool’s accuracy and robustness. Good luck with your project!