API stopped working

I am brand new to this.
I autotrained a few models, and was using the API to request results for individual images. Today I started getting an error on each of the APIs"Failed to import transformers.models.dinat.modeling_dinat because of the following error (look up to see its traceback): Failed to import NATTEN’s CPP backend. This could be due to an invalid/incomplete install. Please uninstall NATTEN (pip uninstall natten) and re-install with the correct torch build: natten.shi-labs.com."
Not sure how to handle this


I am also getting this error after training with autotrain. Just to be clear, predictions with text classification are working for me, just not with autotrain image classification.

Same here, both for autotrain models and trainer models for image classification.

Hi @rwcuffney @ijmiller2 @pcernuta - thanks for reporting, we found the root cause and are working on a fix!

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Hi @rwcuffney @ijmiller2 @pcernuta, Thanks for bearing with us while we applied a fix. This should now be working! Please let us know though if you run into any further issues or have other questions. Thanks again!

Seems to be working for me now. Thanks for the quick reply and fix @jeffboudier and @michellehbn !

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