App return error, UI disappears, but the status of the app is still running

This is what happens:

  1. The app is running and the UI display perfectly
  2. After several prediction, the output return error
  3. The UI disappears while the app is still running.
  4. After a while (~hour) the UI reappears and works again.

Do you have any ideas why?
In this app, I am using a 3D network to predict the 3D scene. Thus, it requires quite a lot of memory. I guess the app crashed due to running out of memory but I am not sure. I also set enable_queue=True

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hi @anhquancao Do the container logs give you more hints on how the app is crashing?

Hi @radames,
The container log does not show any errors.

sorry @anhquancao , it seems like we’re having issues on our infra, which is affecting Spaces.

Thanks for the info. the error was solved. it turned out to be oom problem.

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