AutoNLP still in Queue

I have started a training run on AutoNLP, and the application still says ‘Queued’ for all of the models (It has been more than an hour). How long (time-wise) is the queue for AutoNLP models?


There was an issue with job queues. I have fixed the problem and jobs shall start soon!

@abhishek Also, when I tried to run AutoNLP with T5-large (I manually selected the model checkpoint), each of the models immediately returned ‘Stopped’ (with a red X) after I started the training run, and the overall project shows (‘Done with errors’). I have run identical experiments that have worked using T5-base. Is there a reason why T5-large isn’t working?

regarding that, we would be able to provide more details if you can email us username, project id and a screenshot of jobs that “stopped” to autonlp [at] huggingface [dot] co

@abhishek I emailed the autonlp email with my project details.