Autotrain Trainings Tab: Error Loading Dataset

I’m encountering this error on a Binary Text Classification Model. My dataset appears to be formatted correctly, so I’m at a loss…


There was a problem while converting your dataset files.

You can fix it by editing your training data.


Formatting data for the selected task


Error details

Error type: DatasetGenerationError Details: An error occurred while generating the dataset


{ “request_id”: “da6df7034a5b2193708acad14cb6113d”, “id”: 49521, “fname”: “whywontyouwork.csv”, “split”: 4, “col_mapping”: { “Title and Descriptions:\nTitle: Desktop Tower\n, Description: Desktop tower, intel i5-3470, 8GB RAM, 250GB SSD\n Condition: GOOD\n Note: Click on pictures below to view larger image\nSummarization: intel i5-3470 desktop tower 8gb ram 250gb SSD”: “text”, “Correct”: “target” } }

AutoTrain - HuggingFace

A potential solution is to ensure that there are no trailing spaces at the end of each row in your csv file. You can address this by replacing ‘\s*$’ with an empty string for every row.