Beginner stuck in python save_onnx step at ""OSError: unable to load weights..."

Hello to all,

i am new to all of this, spent 3 days mostly reading, typing all those commands, getting miniconda3, then getting optional advice via reddit, then finding out that a “nvidia” error forces me to go the stable diffusion FOR AMD graphics journey, now day 3. i use
tutorial with minor questions solving via web search. now stuck at a step during python save onnx.
i know nothing about computers except the things that i encounter now beyond a daily life user interface. the error reads fully like this:
"OSError: unable to load weights from pytorch checkpoint file for C:user and so on, “models–CompVis–stable-diffusion-v1-4\snapshots\249dd2…” and so on. The error message ends with “If you tried to load a PyTorch model”…, but the suggested solution “from_tf=True” gives another error message when i type it there.

Please help, i want to reach the goal, downloaded tons of GB of data and even with that tutorial it seems i’m almost finished. Non-english main language and laptop, please use simple english, thnx^^

Hello to all,
is anybody able to help me with this detail? While i started to experiment with free to use online AI generators, they often create ugly results and i still hope to set up stab-di on my own system.