.bin to safetensors without publishing it on hub?

I have followed Train a diffusion model to create own model just for learning. In the end I got “.bin” file, but I cannot load it on Stable Diffusion.

I found out that there is a converter in Train a diffusion model but it asks me model_id on hub. Is there any way to convert this “.bin” to .safetensors locally without any kind of uploadings? If so, with what tools?

Hi! You can check the source code of the Convert to Safetensors space to find how to do this locally.

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Thank you very much, this did it! I cloned the source and modified convert.py to suit my needs.

In case somebody else wants to make this work also then I changed the code to from main function to call convert_file(“diffusion_pytorch_model.bin”, “output.safetensors”) and commented out #os.makedirs(dirname, exist_ok=True) line.

I also removed lots of functions before I noticed that I could just call the convert_file directly.