Build a AI Powered Legal Documentation Assistant

I found this interesting topic on a hackathon problem statement with the following requirements :-

  1. User-friendly interface for inputting relevant information such as parties involved, terms of the agreement, and other necessary details.
  2. AI-powered document generation that automatically drafts legal documents in plain language and using easy-to-understand terms.
  3. Ability to customize legal documents based on the specific needs of the user.
  4. Integration with existing legal resources and databases to ensure accuracy and completeness of the legal documents.
  5. Option for users to seek legal advice from an expert in case of complex legal issues.
    So I may build the document-analysis and document-q&a but I am concerned how to build the drafting feature? Any help is indeed welcomed…

I have also come through this problem statement and I am indeed to develop an appp for it but I need to train an llm model to it so I need some help in developing. are you still working in this , if so contact me. or vikrant vikaasa.v (linkedin)