Build a cover letter generator


Sometimes students spend more time working on their cover letters, customizing them for each company, than working on their portfolio. And the preliminary screening steps that are based only on cover letters are quite unfair. The goal of this project is to build a model that can automatically generate cover letters from a targeted job and a person’s skills / previous experiences / resume…


I’m open for suggestions but I believe these are good places to start with:


This is the hardest part. I already started working on scraping a couple of example resumes from a couple of websites (Indeed…), but we still need to fill the person’s information accordingly.


Scrape scarce data for a real-world problem. Fine-tune a state-of-the-art language model.

Desired project outcomes

  • Create a Streamlit or Gradio app on :hugs: Spaces that can generate a cover letter from a targeted job and a person’s resume
  • Don’t forget to push all your models and datasets to the Hub so others can build on them!

Additional resources

A good baseline to compare our model with gpt2 cover letter generator

Discord channel

To chat and organise with other people interested in this project, head over to our Discord and:

  • Follow the instructions on the #join-course channel

  • Join the #cover-letter-generator channel

Just make sure you comment here to indicate that you’ll be contributing to this project :slight_smile:


This looks like a super cool project @nouamanetazi - thanks for suggesting it! Let me know if you want a Discord channel and I’ll create it :slight_smile:

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Yes, please! I’d love to!

Cool, I’ve just created the channel (see topic description) :slight_smile:

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The :hugs: Space for this project is finally here :page_facing_up: Cover Letter Generator - a Hugging Face Space by nouamanetazi. (Much more improvements planned during the week :star_struck:)
@lewtun @sgugger :partying_face:


Great job @nouamanetazi ! This is a fun Space to play with :slight_smile: