Cache management in Spaces

Hello there :wave:

First, thanks a lot for this incredible platform that allows thousands of developers to showcase their work! We’ve been using HF Spaces to run a small streamlit demo for OCR for a while now, which works great :slight_smile:
DL models are downloaded to a .cache folder, then loaded into the memory to perform the inference.

But a few days ago, it seems we cannot create subfolder in the .cache directory as I get PermissionError. To reproduce the behaviour, you can go to docTR - a Hugging Face Space by mindee, upload any picture or PDF, then click on analyze.

The traceback points to pathlib.Path.mkdir method which now throws a PermissionError. Was there any recent change to folder permissions recently on Spaces? If so, how can I fix this? :pray:


Seems to be okay now

Thanks for the fix Chris :pray: