Can anyone provide a lay of the land?

I’m a relative AI noob but a lifelong technologist. Did an AI hackathon a few weeks ago and used Google Document AI and OpenAI API. Would like to dig into what’s available through :hugs:

The basics seem intuitive, but I’m sure a few minutes with someone would be incredibly helpful and save a ton of time navigating all the things.

Ideal would be someone willing to have a quick conversation/screenshare, but also pointing me to links/videos/etc. would be very much appreciated.

PS - I’m setup for video training, so if it makes sense to record/tell the world about what we cover I can do that also

I’m also willing to offer a skills exchange, and I can cover a lot of ground technically.

Some of the things in this space that I’ve found particularly useful are API interactions and setup, related scripts, and cloud infrastructure.