Cannot execute any model with my API Token, models are timed out

Hello to all the members of this amazing community! I’ve been on Hugging Face quite recently, so I apologize if this question is too dumb.

I have a small non-commercial Telegram bot that allows users to generate texts using a model that I have trained and choose the best of these texts. I wrote it just today and actively tested it alone during the day (so i have not users yet in fact). I uploaded my model to HF and use a free version of the API to generate texts.

Until some time
everything was fine, but now I can’t execute my own or any other model through the API. I get the invariable error “model time out”.

And this applies not only to the API, but also to the widget in the model cards - I can’t apply the model there either.

I absolutely do not allow a situation in which many requests would be made at the same time. Moreover, their number is not so large: I think I made about 50-60 requests that day.

Please tell me what could be the reason for such a reaction
to my requests? Are there any specific strict restrictions on the free API, for example, on the number of requests per day or on the interval between them?

I would appreciate your help!

I’m having the same problem, getting model timeouts for all of my API calls to my model for the past 1-2 hours. Not sure what is causing this.

Edit: just to be clear, I am using the free Inference API, not the paid Inference Endpoints

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It just started working again with my token, hooray! I would still like to find out if it was an HF failure or a limitation of a particular user.

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A few days later, it started happening again. Still, I would like to get an answer: are these user restrictions or unavoidable failures of the free API? I understand perfectly well that you cannot and should not guarantee trouble-free operation on a free plan and I am very grateful that it exists in principle, but there is just a feeling that everything works with other tokens, and therefore it looks like a restriction of a specific user…