Cannot login into huggingface hub from Paperspace


I’m trying to login into huggingface hub from a notebook in Paperspace service, and after pasting the access token and clicking on the login button below, nothing happens.

I’ve contacted their support, and they told me their support is limited because huggingface is a 3rd party software.

I must add that I could successfully connect from Google Colab notebok. However, from huggingface hub, I tried to save the token in a file, as mentioned at this topic How to login to Huggingface Hub with Access Token - #14 by BackfiringDatsun , but still, I could not connect.

Any ideas?

I am having the same issue. Wondering if you have found a solution?

No solution found yet :frowning:

Here is my solution: first open a terminal, my way is to go from paperspace notebook to jupyterlab notebook, and create a terminal from launcher page, then run huggingface-cli login in the terminal then paste your huggingface hub token. Now go back to the notebook, you should be able to load your model and dataset by passing use_auth_token=True in datasets.load_dataset function.

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For me, the solution of liujxing didn’t work, unfortunately.
However, on medium is a short tutorial with a code example you can copy.
Have a look here: Logging in to HuggingFace from Jupyter notebook without interactive prompt | by yash khandelwal | Medium