Can't load tokenizer after fine-tuning

Hi, all!

I followed the Emotion recognition in Greek speech using Wav2Vec2 notebook from here

After finishing fine-tuning on my own data, I am getting the following error when trying to load the processor with
processor = Wav2Vec2Processor.from_pretrained(model_name)

The error:

OSError: Can't load tokenizer for '[/path/to/model/]checkpoint-860/'. If you were trying to load it from '', Otherwise, make sure '[/path/to/model/]checkpoint-860/' is the correct path to a directory containing all relevant files for a Wav2Vec2CTCTokenizer tokenizer.

Checking the checkpoint folder, there is no tokenizer file in there, am I missing something? The model is actually being saved by Trainer(). This is the content of the mentioned folder:

PD: the model loads correctly with
model = Wav2Vec2ForSpeechClassification.from_pretrained(model_name)