Can't push adapter model to organisation

I was trying to push adapters but it constantly gives this error:

huggingface_hub.utils.validators.HFValidationError: Repo id must use alphanumeric chars or ‘-’, '', ‘.’, ‘–’ and ‘…’ are forbidden, ‘-’ and ‘.’ cannot start or end the name, max length is 96: ‘aXFQcyOEpksZmnbENRFdTmaKaSBhTYFjRfYIgsuTegBoJlhMjqzzsScRkstravxQFPkmstYSjKcEZZmMVFaYRBOHilKgotGBWwqTFBhzVJrVpNzOPLjyYMKXkYeqKkxj’.

I changed repo_name multiple times, yet this error persists.

        repo_name= "hey",
        adapter_name= f"{adapter_name}",

Used “hey” here to test as repo name with “_” and “-” were giving errors. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

hey, have you figured out the error? encountering the same issue here.

Try updating adapter-tranformer library! (I don’t remember what exactly I did but you can follow my progress here: unexpected keyword argument 'organization' in `push_adapter_to_hub` · Issue #498 · adapter-hub/adapter-transformers · GitHub)

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