Can't push to a dataset repository

Hi there,
I have a dataset repository under an organization where I am the admin. I cloned the repository to a Linux machine, prepared the dataset, and committed it and the dataset load script (with git LFS) to the local repository.
When pushing the changes back to hugging face I get an authorization error. I tried logging in again, making sure that the commits have the same username and email that my hugging face account is and that the token is set in the git credentials file. To no avail.
Any ideas?

$ git push
batch response: Authorization error. B | 0 B/s
Uploading LFS objects:   0% (0/16), 0 B | 0 B/s, done.
error: failed to push some refs to '

hi @tomersagi ,

The error message says Authorization error please try

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That solved it! Thanks! I recloned using ssh and had no more problems from there.

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